Yes this is another indesicive thread asking about gear, but answers would be nice anyway. Marshall Valvestates, I know they're solid state, but they're supposed to be better than MGs but are they ctually decent amps, or are they just marshll abusing it's brand recognition, would I be better off getting one of these than say a vox valvetronnix (please don't reply saying "get a tube/valve amp, that seems to be the answer to every single gear thread)
which valvestate and which vox...?

the older vs combos are decent, i have a vs100 combo soon to hit ebay, and the new valvetronix xl's are decent...

ive found the vs100 to be very guitar dependent, in that it sounds great with a great guitar, but as soon as the pups get crappy, so does the sound...

in an old band i was in the other guitarist gigged with the thing and he loved it, i prefered a tighter amp, but at the time i didnt have an eq pedal and iad acces to a mesa...
I'd go with the Valvtronix series myself....

but, the valvestate's are solid state with a pre-amp tube.
I actually liked the Valvestate series I used to own a VS100. As long as you stick with the Heritage I and II series your good to go. They can be found for pretty cheap and they make a great practice amp if you like marshall voicing. Also they are made by Marshall unlike the MG's...
i was thinking the 8040 seeing as it's 40 watts and i really have no call for ay higher than that, is that any good, i'm no sure bout all the different series or anything
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i was thinking the 8040 seeing as it's 40 watts and i really have no call for ay higher than that, is that any good, i'm no sure bout all the different series or anything

How loud will you be playing it... You almost have to think of the wattage as half of what it is becuase SS amps clip once you push the volume levels up. If you going to be jamming with a band go with a 100 watts. If its just apartment playing 40 watts should be fine..
Today I was checking some Marshalls and I liked the sound the AVT100Xt (Valavestate amp) gave. However to be honest this shop only had MG's and that valvestate. What do you think of this amp? Is it worth it? And if so, are there any other 100W Marshalls in the same price range?
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AVT50 sounds decent, AVT100/150 not so much. They are voiced differently.

Valvetronix series will give you more tube like dynamics. A tube in the preamp will give you a warmer more tube like tone, but will does nothing to tame the harshness of a solid state circuit at high volumes.
before anyone starts bagging on valvestates....Chuck Schuldiner used a Valvestate 8100 to get one of the most distinct, unique, mind-blowing tones I've ever heard IMO
I used to have a VS 8100 head. I boosted it with a DOD EQ and it sounded great.
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I didn't like the Valvestate I tried that much. It only had one channel and couldn't get much gain - but it was a massive improvement over my MG. I managed to get a sort of British punk tone with it that was bearable. Keep in mind that this was the 15-watt model I tried out.

I dunno about the other Valvestates, but don't get the 15-watter.
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