Can i use Drop C tuning (CGCFAd) tuning on a Floyd Rose-licensed double-locking tremolo bridge? My dads friend said that it wiould be a pain since the bridge floats. is this true?
it would be a pain if you were always switching tunings, because youll have to set it up all the time

edit: but if your going to keep it only in drop c then its not a big deal, you just have to reset it once. also you can get strings designed for lower tunings, so the strings wont be loose and flappy
needs to be set up for this tuning and once it's set up you can't go back to standard without another setup. With the proper setup (springs etc...) every tuning is possible
so if i dont switch tunings it would be fine?

and he said it would be a pain do to the floating trem,... is that right?
you will have to change the spring tension to compensate the loss of string tension on the strings
ok, will i have to put a wedge or something to keep the bridge from moving back under the bridge? and if so would it only have to be there while i was changing the tention or permantly there?