So I have a Kirk Hammett LTD, and I was wondering, if I need to keep the string locks or tuner locks or whatever they are called on there because I don't really feel like unscrewing them whenever I need to change the tuning.
Help, please.
there are fine tuners on the bridge.
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Oh ok, thanks.
Sorry if that was a retarted question.
I just recently started playing electric guitar again.
And even before, I wasn't really too familiar with it.
So thanks.
I just thought it was a hassle to keep unscrewing the locks again and again.
itsnot necessary....
just if u get frustrated with ur guitar comming untuned often..then its a choice
well yes if it has a floating vibrato because if you dont your strings will go out tune real fast also when doing dive bombs and what not it helps take pressure off the tuners also i have dean razorback and i have same thing and only have to tune it about once every 2 weeks