ALRIGHT so i was wandering around my room yesterday and noticed my gameboy, with pokemon yellow currently occupying the cartridge slot. it also just so happened that i was about to go on a drive to toronto so i figured i'd bring it with me and give her a go.
i am no pokemon noob, well at least i didn't used to be. in my time (ten years ago) i had beaten the game hundreds of time, and on my pokemon red i have 152/151 pokemon. anyways my question right now regards to team building. when i used to play (when i was eight years old) i would just choose the pokemon that were 'cool' (aka in the tv show). but now i'm just outside of vermilion city and i know this is about time that i have to choose the pokemon that i'll go all the way with; but i just can't make up my mind.
currently i have a:
pikachu level 23
charmnder level 13
nidorino level 17
butterfree level 16
mankey level 16
and pidgey level 16

in my box i have all the pokemon that have appeared so far (jigglypuff, sandshrew, etc.)
but my question is this: i just got that bulbasaur and i want to incorporate it into my team, but i'm not sure what to get rid of. i like butterfree because he has sleep but i remember not finding him very useful later in the game. and i want to avoid mewtwo cause i find using him makes him a crutch for your team..so what do i do? is there a 'best team combination' and who should i go about getting, and getting rid of? i've also heard pikachu isn't very useful either, so do i chuck him and get zapdos? or jolteon? what do i do with evee and the legendary birds? are dragonites useful? what should i do for a flying pokemon, do i go with pidgeotto, or a legendary bird, or a dragonite or other half flying type?
this is what i was thinking for my prospective team
what do you think...i need some help from a pokemon master.

also i don't think this goes in the gaming thread it's just a general pokemon information thread, but if i'm wrong...please move it for me?
I beat that game with just Pikachu. That's how raw I was at Pokemon. Now on my Red version I have a level 255 Blastoise.
ONLY Pokemon Thread
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