haha not sure if this is the right thread so i'll move it if need be but anyway this is a song heavily influenced by The Beginning is the End is the Beginning by Smashing Pumpkins (from the new Watchmen trailer) and also by The Undertaker (and its various remixes) by Puscifer.

Please let me know what you think, I played everything myself in garageband or on my guitar with the exception of one drum loop, the other drum loops were made with iDrum. vocals to be added later


haha oh yeah i should mention its the song in my profile, only one there
It's repetitive and the piano didn't really fit it at all, it seemed off time and just didn't work.
Your playing could have been tighter.

I like the bit at around 1:40 though.
muchas gracias everyone

gitardud391 - solid song, i like the intro, thats a really nice riff and im sure itll sound better if you record the vocals in a proper studio or something. i added your band on myspace if you feel like checkin out some of my other stuff, its a bit differnt from this song tho

also AA0P - did you mean the piano solo bit in the beginning or the piano background bit during the "chorus" (the part with the chords and like choir-ish thing around 1:40) or both?
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The little 'solo' bit in the beginning.

The synth work throughout the rest of the song was pretty good otherwise.