I think last time i put this in the wrong section so im gonna ask here. If i plan on gettin an Ibanez RG probably 350DX or 350EX and im probably also going to get an epiphone jr valve then would a ts7 do the trick for a rock/metal sound? it may be a stupid question for all i know but all ive ever played is a squier strat and fender frontman XD. if thats not a good choice for like say iron maiden/ledzep/metallica etc then sugg. please?
a metal muff would be a better choice for metal. the tubescreamer for the classic rock.
THis was almost the exact question that I was going to ask, so thanks as well. I'm interested in that amp because it's a cheap way to go real tube and it's got a nice classic bluesy sound to it. The pedals are also helpful. Thanks.
ah mods. which of those do you recommend? or are you not familiar with all of them?
i've done the spanky mod and added a new transformer from www.allenamps.com and put in jj tubes. i didn't use the epi speaker i bought a 1x12 cab and put in a celestion g12k.
The valve jr. sound really amazing with the mods....I'd do a mod and then use a boost pedal to make the amplifier go into overdrive. You'll get the best tone out of an overdriven amp then just getting an overdrive pedal or a distortion. I'd check out the Catalinbread Super Chili Picoso, Catalinbread Serrano Picoso, Durham Sex Drive, and the MXR CAE MC-401.