alright guys, i have an Ibanez Rg3exfm1 that i JUST got like a few days ago. im just starting to learn guitar and frankly, my low E string has lots of fret buzz and its pissing the **** outta me. should i take it to like guitar center and would they fix it for me? what should i do? help?
does it buzz when you fret notes or when the string is open?

does it buzz at all frets when fretting or just some?

have you messed about with the action since you took delivery?

have you contacted the place you bought it from to ask their opinion?

also dont bump your thread for 24 hours... its a forum, not a chatroom, people will reply as and when they can.

Thank you please.
It could also be the string gauge. I have .09-.42's which is a pretty thin, and it can cause the strings to be a bit loose feeling. If you upgrade to .10-.46 it will be tighter feeling and should produce less fret buzz. You may have to get your guitar set up for the new string gauge, but I'm not sure if that small of a change will require it. If anyone can answer that, let me know.
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go to the guitar and bass basics forum, there is a sticky on fret buzz.
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If it buzzes on open strings the action may be too low so it's buzzing off the frets.
IF it buzzes on a fretted string the pickup could be too high up (waaaay too high)
if its only a few days old the shop didnt set it up right and they should sort it out for you whatever it is... phone them up and play your face til they do it!
Thank you please.
It could be that the nut is cut too low under the low E and will buzz against the 1st fret. Press the low E string in the middle between the 2nd and 3rd frets with your thumb (regular pressure, don't give it a death grip) and with your index finger press the string down between frets 1 and 2. The string is supposed to move just a little bit down to touch the first fret wire but if it doesn't then your nut is cut too low and there's no easy fix. Compare this movement to the rest of the strings to give you an idea of how much motion to expect because presumably those are OK since they don't buzz.
If your nut is ok then its the action and/or truss rod and those you can easily fix yourself.
It's probably that the humidity difference between your house and shop has altered the neck angle a bit.

Best bet is to take it back for tuning, if you're a beginner
yeah it buzzes when i fret the thing and its really annoying. i messed around with the action a little bit but to no avail and now im pretty sure i screwed up the low e string bridge position but w/e il just get it back to standard at a shop.