Yeah, so far I've played through a guitar amp (I know I shouldn't have, but I hardly play guitar anymore, so I don't care) but now I need a bass amp.

I was looking for something like the Gallien & Krüger 1001RB and the 115 or 410 cab.

What do you think about that? Or is there anything you could recommend me?

Oh, I play a lot of RHCP, Metallica, Iron Maiden and stuff like that but also punk rock.
Honestly, bass isn't really tone-specific. Try some out.. get what you think sounds good.

That seems like a good setup, but try it first.
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whats your budget?
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You have hundreds of options, and there are very amps which would sound horrible in those situations. Go to a store, try all the amps in your budget, get your favorite.
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