Ive been playing for a little over a year. I know how to read TAB well, and I can play intermediate stuff. Now Im at the point where I want to make my own music. Ive tried to learn music theory, and for the most part, failed. Right now I am completely self taught. Now I want to take lessons. I cant read rhythm, and my playing is sloppy. My only problem is that lessons arent convenient for me. I dont have constant access to money for lessons, and the fact that gas is so much will make it difficult to drive thirty miles for lessons. Does anyone have any suggestion for some REALLY thorough free online lessons? I need to learn how to read sheet music, rhythm for it, how to read key signatures, etc.
I already use Musictheory.net, since it seems to be a common answer in these threads.
sorry if this is spam, or bad in anyway. im not advertising. he just helps a lot

you should try www.justinguitar.com he has a ton of lessons, and i have gotten where i am now thanks to him, he's really detailed and easy to learn from
Im not gonna take that as spam. Heh, your the only one that answered yet. Thanks, It looks like a good site. Ive seen it a bit on Youtube, but never checked it out. Thanks.
Seriously, lessons are good stuff. They can explain things easier than other mediums. Online lessons are basically Learn-How dvds, and they face the same problem as books, as in if you do not understand it they cannot explain it better.

I was like you, I spent a good 6 months by myself learning on my own, and I really regret it. I learned more in half an hour than I did the entire time by myself. As luck would have it, I also found that I mislearned all of my diatonic scales. Doh.

Get real lessons, nothing can replace that.
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