is it possible to use normal amp headphones plugged into an amp head through one of the outs in the back even if they aren't for headphones (the ones that go to the cab)?

i want to get the Orange Tiny Terror but don't know if there's any way to play it through phones (this is for when i go to college next year)
ur still going to need a load on it, or you'll fry your tranny
"People worry too much about tone instead of just rocking out"
what is it? A load I.E. speakers. They make dummy loads to so you dont have to have your cabinet look online for it.
"People worry too much about tone instead of just rocking out"
no it will sound really crappy and will probly fry ur headphones there r cheap solutions for playing through headphones
Not many tube amps have headphone jacks. Even fewer tube head units have em if any. Gotta have a speaker load. There are some attenuators that have a headphone jack. But easiest and cheapest is just use a SS amp or something of the sort. Guitars rarely sound good thru headphones so wont matter if its SS.
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Like this?


Anyone have any experience with one of these or similar?
i was recommended the same product for my traynor so i can use headphones at university. anyone have experience with it?
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