im looking to spend up to $600. i like a real low action without fret buzz, the ability to play a diverse amount of style sounds (blues, metal, classical), not a large neck, light guitar that is sloped where your picking hands' forearm rests.

its hard to judge a guitar for me by playing ones in stores as the actions and string gauges are always higher than what im accustomed to.

on guitarcenter.com the Ibanez SZ52OQM, Michael Kelly Patriot Custom, and PRS Tremonti all appealed to me as much as a guitar on a website can, if anyone has anything to say about them.
try a schecter c-1 maybe you could find a c-1 classic used, that would suit your playing style fine. a gibson (or epiphone) sg shouldnt let you down either, i'd look at those.
That PRS Tremonti should do almost anything you want it to do.

Sloped arm rest cuts out all LP copies.

The Jackson is a good buy, as well as LTD M or MH series, the ibanez S would be very versatile as well.
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The jackson dinkys are awesome. I actually own a DXMG dinky and it rapes. + it only costs like $500.
tnx for the replies guys. i heard good things about the necks and action of jacksons, but most of the reviews on the website seem to say that they are geared towards metal specifically, though ive never played one.