Hey guys,
Does anybody know a way to remove the background music from a song file (leaving only the vocals). I know that you can use Audacity for taking the vocals OUT but no one seems to know how to take out everything BUT the vocals. I turned to the pit because it is hard to word it in a way which google can understand...
Thank you in advance!

PS I'm working with an mp3 file and I can convert it to any format if you give me some instruction.
Can't be done without master track.

There are many programs which try, but do a bad job.
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Yup, Master track is the only way, and a studio to do it in.
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There is a plugin for XMMS that does removes vocals..

I assume it sends them to a null pipe (/dev/null), and in theory you could re-code it to make the vocals go somewhere else, like to a file, because XMMS is open source.

But of course this is all linux talk. You'd have to be fairly desperate to do it.