Poll: Esp Vs. Schecter
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Esp Ec-500
9 90%
Schecter Hellraiser
2 20%
Voters: 10.
im gettign a new guitar and i am stuck between the LTD. ec-500 and the Schecter Hellraiser. i want a guitar that can play brutal metal and have a decent clean tone. i plan on dropping the guitar to Drop C or lower. which guitar would be better for playing heavy riffs and shredding on? which guitar should i get?
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the LTD, mofo. its awesome for metal, but then again the hellraiser not so bad either. between those guitars, i like the neck of the LTD beter. it feels faster fo me, and i like the look of it. imo, id say the LTD
The LTD ec-500 would be better for shredding. The hellraisers neck is very thick.
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DO NOT buy a hellraiser if you want to play as fast as you can...the neck is awful...the guitar is great except for the neck..which makes it suck
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