Anyone has an idea of a guitar with those specs, under 1000$ ?

I'm currently looking at the schecter blackjack FR and the ESP M-II...

Any other suggestions ?
I'm also looking at the blackjack, but the 7 string fixed bridge version. It looks good to me, I'll probably get it within a month or two.
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between those two...get the esp..youll just be disapointed by the shechter...
You want a JB?

My S-1 Blackjack has treated me very well. Don't imagine the C-1 is much different.

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You want a JB?

My S-1 Blackjack has treated me very well. Don't imagine the C-1 is much different.

Why not?

It's a great pickup.
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Why not?

It's a great pickup.

It's extremely thin and trebly. It sounds good distorted, but clean or slightly overdriven it sounds sterile and lacks any kind of warmth.

It's all subjective of course though...

Edit: The Schecter has a mahogany body as opposed to the ESP's alder body. The JB is bright and thin enough in mahogany... I can't even imagine it in an alder body. I vote for the Schecter.

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the red ninja 600
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An actual ESP guitar is absolute killer compared to Schecter IMO.
Yeah but actually the ESP is twice the price of the Schecter ... :S

I'm not sure it's worth it ...

Other guitar suggestions maybe ?
jacksons got a few with the jb in bridge and a jazz in the neck, they aint so bad in price
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jackson's got only "a few" models with jb/jazz?
that's funny