Just making sure, but taking this off won't hurt anything will it? I can still put it back on without hurting the bass at all?

Also: Say I wanted to put something on this guard, a logo or something, can you suggest something to use for painting it on? Something that won't wear off?

Same goes for body or neck. Somewhere on my Bass I want to put "Seize the Day"
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removing the pick-guard(us) will not hurt anything. you can use almost any spray paint(acrylic) that is made for plastic. when replacing the guard with a new one, be sure the screw holes match or you'll have to redrill new holes(not good). as far as cool sayings, get a t-shirt.
Your at least going to use the Latin right? Carpe Diem > Seize the Day

I suppose you could always paint it on with whatever and then do a clear coat of some type over that.
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removing the pick-guard(us) will not hurt anything.

I thought that too but when I removed the guard off of my jazz, the body paint all chipped off around the screw holes. Grr i wish i never took it off now

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