Ehh ehh?

Me and my sis will rat each other out on little **** to take the blame off ourselves but not on the big stuff. Like drinking and partying and stuf like that.

I can smoke a bowl or a cig outside and she wont care. SO i guess its pretty chill. I dont rat her out either.
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nah, we get in fights all the time, but we don't ever rat each other out
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I ratted my sister out to my dad and he put her in the cellar.

That was 18 years ago.

Crazy Austrian parenting.
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i have an older sister, and growing up, although i never ratted her out, she would constantly rat me out. and no, i'm not being immature and whiny and only seeing it this way because i want to. i didn't do it simply because i'm not a cunt. she would always say "oh i'm more mature than you i know what's right". so, i learned. i don't tell anybody anything. what a healthy way to live.


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Yeah, my sister's 19 and she's still a little nark.

Edit: ^you and I probably have similar, DT related, experiences.
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i dont to my sibs, but they do to me all the time.
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My sister tells on me for looking at her funny. If my sis ever caught me doing anything, I would be toast.
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I ratted my sister out to my dad and he put her in the cellar.

That was 18 years ago.

Crazy Austrian parenting.

I get the reference.

Sometimes, if she has been a bitch lately.
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my little brother doesn't it's cool but he knows not to do that type of ****, not that i beat him or anything lol.
yeah, they make it worse too, goddamn.
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I hate my sister.

She always tries to start fights and call me emo, goth, and a range of other things, but I always hit her with the psychological ****, and she ends up crying, then I end up in trouble becasue she started crying Pisses me off to no end.

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