I have been playing for almost a year and I still screw up a lot on songs that I learned even when I first started playing. I see my friends play and they don't really even miss a note or lose rhythm once!! Is that something that comes with time or is it something that I can get some suggestions on... It almost feels like it might be the fact that I feel like I will screw up so I keep doing it... the music I enjoy listening to is very fast metal and my fingers have not caught up with that yet so songs i'd like to learn are hard for them to be inspirational. Any tips or ideas for me?

Thanks UG
practice more, and learn jazz

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comes with time, dont worry
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Most of the reply are correct but it's not the main reason why you're messing up. I'm almost certain you mess up a lot because when you learn a song , you rush to learn it. You try to play it at full speed way to early. Slow it down, and learn it very slow.

Think of it like playing a song until you can't get it wrong, rather then until you get it right.
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practice practice PRACTICE
remember, amateurs practice til they get it right, pros practice til they can't get it wrong
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yeah dont screw up

edit: lol. if you cant get it down right away go learn something else. when you go back to the song a couple weeks later you'll find out that its easier to play. take things slow and make sure you practice everyday. also going back and relearning a song by looking back at the tabs/notes will get it fresh in your head again. i still go back and look over stuff that i play all the time just to etch it into my brain even more.
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Practise a song at a slower speed until you can play it through once (or a bunch of times, no flukes!) with no mistakes or slipups. If you keep making mistakes go slower. When you perfect it at one speed, bring it up and continue to do so til you've reached the original tempo.
Also, look at the particular points where you screw up and, whilst playing, check your technique as you get to those points to see if there's anything specific you're messing up on. For example, if you always mess up when you get to barre chords then structure your practicing to spend some time focusing on barre chords until you can play them better. Sometimes it's the techniques that you need to improve and not just the playing of the song itself.
Try to keep in mind that one of the biggest factors in nailing a song is confidence...unwaivering, drug-induced confidence.
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