I was thinkin about pickin up a jackson kelly. what do u all think about this guitar.
It's pretty good for hard rock/metal. Which model the USA or foreign-made Kelly?

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I don't dig the shape of it. It's too...I don't know. I like Explorers, but...eh.

But, much more importantly, I've converted to a big ol' Jackson fanboy.
I just got my ke3 two days ago and its an awesome guitar. The action is super low, and it has a thin, fast neck. The only things a have to get used to are how its kinda neck heavy and the upper fret access isnt as good as my rg.
Which Kelly are you planning to get? IF you're going for a non-USA one, just go for the KE3, dont waste your money on the JS series Kelly.
the KE3 with the blue swirl is so nice, probably everything i could want in a guitar too