I have a vox ad50vt and a line 6 distortion stompbox and when i turn up the distortion even a litte it hums and is sometimes loud and annoying.... suggestions?
has it always done this?
what is most recent change?
how old is gear?
have you played your guitar thru a different amp?
have you played a different guitar in your amp?

I'm not super familiar with the Valvetronix but are you running the Line 6 thru a 'clean' channel/setting on amp?
most of the time every now and then i try to blend but the distortion on the amp and the pedal is noisy and gets louder when i turn it up would like a anti-noise pedal or somethin work?
well Effects + Effects often = Not So Much.

I don't think a noisegate pedal is going to be able to do much but I could be wrong.

I was just trying to rule out pickup hum, loose cable, poor shielding, microwave and cell phone plugged into same outlet, standing too close to the amp, stuff like that, etc.
Most modelling amps dont take to well to external FX pedals. If you got a clean channel use your stomp box on it but not on the distortion channel.