a few things about my song

this has been a long work in progress, i started it over 6 months ago and then worked on it off and on in spurts. i think the song is mostly in E minor which is surprising since i knew no theory at all when i started it. a couple days ago i decided that i needed to rework the solo cause it sucked. obviously my playing cannot be judge since its gp, but any comments on composition and feel/mood would be greatly appreciated (especially the latter since i havent thought of a title for it yet).

heres the guitar pro tab and a midi file for those w/o guitar pro
working title2.zip
Copy of working title.zip
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I I'm really likin those lead parts, and it is clear to me that you have a good sense of rhythm also it sound kinda bluesy to me, but meh.

I'm not keen on the intro with just the bass, is kinda lacking, but otherwise 9/10