Is avenged sevenfold really that bad like honesly i like them but evweryone seeems to hate them what do you think
No, they're much worse.

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city of evil was an awesome album, really badass. the new one, pretty much simply isn't good to listen to. there great musicians and got a little more experimental on the newest one, and its not their sound. critical acclaim just like sucks, the lyrics and stuff. now they have orchestras and country sounds, its not them, and its not good. still a great band in general though, just the new album isn't liked by many.
Well two years ago my sister had a huge ****ing crush on singer guy so I had to listen to them non stop for two years, worst years of my life, I didn't think the guitars were that bad until I learned about Paul Gilbert, Satch, Vai, Becker, etc. Now I just think they are worse then crap.
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They have a good sound but they are a relatively untalented band. The only saving grace for me is the drummer and sometimes the singer.
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Everyone seems to hate them? I can't tell you how many A7X shirts I see daily.

I personally detest the band, but that's another story.
I used to love them at the time of their "Waking the Fallen" album, but they changed and so did my attitude toward them.