hey there

I'm trying to mimick the sound that Neil Young has in his song "Like a Hurricane".It's very unique and mesmerizing.

I came here to ask what type of gear should I use and settings and stuff, if anyone happens to know.

I asked here because I thought the question was more of a sound/music related question than a guitar gear question.
I suggest you take it to the gear and accessories forum
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Well, with the gear you got you wont be able to. Youd need a tube amp, Really High gain boost (maby an OD pedal set to max), and some type of extreme fedback guitar (think either badly sheilded les paul, or a hollowbody of some sort, with a bigsby (very important to the tone). Put it all togiether, turn everything to max and play like you dont care about anything, then you will get his tone. (while being somewhat drunk, im totally serious.) My setup gets his sound (Fender Hotrod Deluxe, with a Gretsch 5120. everything at 12 on the amp).
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