ok im buying a new amp and need something for jam sessions with a full band

i got an epiphone sg and was thinking of getting a line 6 spider but also thinking about fender frontman

I play OI punk and thrash

amp needs to be $0-250$

any suggestions????
i need somebody.
not just anybody.
you know i need somone

don't go with a spider. if you could save up, that would be best. if not, look around at used stuff. tubes would be best, but there are some pretty decent solid states. also, the fender won't be able to get you the distortion you're looking for without a pedal most likely.
yea solid states suck....i learned the hard way by purchasing an MG
I've played the MG and I own a Frontman and I wouldn't recommend either one.

Your best bet may be to get a used tube combo. I think you will learn more quickly on a tube amp because tube amps don't lie basically.

Have you checked Craigslist.com?

You can probably find a used Peavey Valveking (for example) for $250 and it will do punk and thrash well. Not great, just well. The Roland Cube's are worth a look too as a solid state option.
Yeah, not all SS amps are bad, just most of the cheaper ones (MG, Spider, Frontman).
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