just did this to my 2-humbucker guitar - jackson dkmg, tonezone in the bridge, super 2 in the neck.
on cleaner settings i can get such a range of tone and voicings is unreal. also did a concentric volume pot. so i can do for example the neck pickup on humbucker at 1/2 volume and the bridge pickup on split-coil on full volume, or vice versa.
wow, just "wow"
I don't have split coils... I may do it one day though!
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i did the same to my jackson dx10! different pickups though, they're duncan designed, just to try it out to see if I didn't mess it up. i got similar results with cleaner settings. i love that guitar on clean settings. and how do you do the concentric wiring? i've seen it before, but could never find a diagram for it.
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i was thinkin about doing it to my jackson rhoads 3. the parallel series thing put me off for a while because i couldnt find much about it. Someday when i make a guitar with only a bridge pickup its going to have a raging humbucker with coil split and piezo.
for concentric pots, you would just wire it as if it was two pots.

I have variable coil splits in my LP. The neck has a concentric pot so i can have the variable split and a tone control. The neck just has the variable split.
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you need a concentric pot. don't mistake that for a pan-pot

one of these:
or (scroll down for concentric pots, this is where i got mine from. you have to measure the diameter of the hole in your guitar):

make sure you have 4-conductor wiring!
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I split mine several months ago. It's quite nice especially if you have a dark-sounding or bass-heavy guitar (like my LP). I thought I'd never again own 'buckers that wouldn't split. Then a couple weeks ago I rewired the switches for series/parallel instead, and I like that even better. Versatility pwns.