Wow, it's been awhile. But now I'm starting to get serious about writing material. Of course, I'll critique your piece if you critique mine. Any feedback is greatly appreciated and will be reciprocated.

This piece I imagine being of the indie genre with a nice interlude in the middle, the part with all the repeats. Just to give you an idea. Well, have at it.

I could have sworn I saw you before

But in my dreams or a prayer
I’m still not sure
But I don’t mind not knowing
From whence you came or where you’re going
As long as you let me accompany you
Thick and thin, and you see me through

Love is earned, not bought
And heartbreak forced, not sought
Like the sun setting, extinguishing its own fire
My perspective being robbed of all light and desire

But I know now that it is darkest before the dawn
Your eyes light my way
And I am ready to move on
Now that I’ve found you, everything is okay

I could have sworn I saw you before

But now it doesn’t matter
Because I know
I know (repeats)
That you’re mine
I know (repeats)
That we have each other
I know (repeats)
I know (repeats a lot)

You are my sun
Lighting the way
You’ll never set on me
Together we’ll stay
I know
This is fact, not fiction

I know (repeats a lot)