Im planning on getting one in the not so distant future and I need to know which one is better. Could some of you give me some of the pros and cons... I really like the starts single coil sound but I see the the HH is more favored....
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While i don't know all that much about these jaguars, i would think you should go by what you prefer. Many people who like humbuckers and music that involves that meaty sound would probably buy the HH. I assume you play music that isn't metal or as "heavy", or simply prefer the SS. It's a matter of what sounds better to you.

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It's really the same guitar with different pickups. More people probably just like the HH config better because they're into humbuckers. If you like single coils more then go for it! It's all about what YOU like best.
I have an HH. It's good, but nothing too special, it has a really nice clean sound to it tho. For some reason i can never get a great distortion sound, but that might be cause of my amp.
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Which HH are you talking about here? The classic or the black HH special?

The HH special is a terrible guitar IMO, not even close to the feel and sound of a jag, baseball bat neck, weak ****ty pickups, and the chrome is very cheap looking. If I was you id drop any thoughts of it out of your mind atm.

As for the Player Classic, I havent played it, but I do OWN the CIJ SS Jaguar. Comparing the specs id say.

Japanese craftmanship is pretty much garunteed to be better than MIM
More well recognized as a good guitar
More orientated towards cleans and lighter gain
More jag flavour
More colours available

Pros classic player HH
Fixed problem with the bridge
Better pickups
Better for higher gain
Coil tapped

Depends on what youre into, myself im glad i took the SS and took the time and bit of money to sort it out. It's an excellent guitar, just not so user friendly out of the box.
neither are better. But they are both pretty good.

The Jaguar SS is notoriously badly designed - specifically the bridge. the angle at which the strings wrap over the bridge towards the tailpiece is very slight. its approx 165 degrees, depending on the bridge height. So theres not enough pressure on the bridge to hold the strings in place, so they jump out of the saddles and all kinds of stupid annoyances happen. However, you can increase the pressure on the bridge by raising the action and/or fitting heavier strings - for some reason fender factory fit them with 9-42... You can also buy a clip-on string guide which adds an additional bar just beyond the bridge which you slot the strings under to make sure they are snugly forced down on the bridge so they don't wriggle out of the saddles while you play. so its easy to fix the issues or learn to love them lol.

The HH doesn't have any of these problems because of the TOM/stopbar tailpiece. But a lot of people dislike the HH because "fenders are supposed to have single coils".
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Quote by Blompcube
The HH doesn't have any of these problems because of the TOM/stopbar tailpiece. But a lot of people dislike the HH because "fenders are supposed to have single coils".

Indeed. Also, I'll reiterate what I said earlier- humbuckers aren't "bad" for cleans. They're just different. I personally like the deep and dark clean tone you get from a nice humbucker. Likewise, you can get some fantastic screaming high-gain tones from certain single coils. The "single coil for clean, humbucker for gain" myth is a load of crap, and people need to stop regurgitating it. Basically, with single coils you have more noise to contend with (a good noise gate will sort this out), and with humbuckers, you don't get so much top end 'spank' as a single coil. Other than that, they're just voiced differently.I wouldn't turn my nose up at either a nice single coil or nice humbucker for either clean or heavily distorted.