Hey all, I got a Carvin 412 cab with a Peavey Deltabass head and used to play my bass through it for a band. However, the guitarist left the band and I assumed his role. I bought a Fab Metal Distortion pedal and hooked up my electric guitar to through it to the stack and it sounds really awesome, I love the deep crunch. Question is...am I ruining my stack by doing so? I've been doing it for quite a while not and nothing bad seems to have happened yet.
u usually ask the question BEFORE doing the possibly harmful act to your gear.

it'll be fine as a temporary setup, just don't go vice versa.
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Nope, Fender bassman, Marshall JTM45, 1986 and superbass were all bass circuits that all sound amazing for guitar and are used primarily for guitar.

Just don't do it the other way around.
yeah I realize that...I've only recently been informed that it could possibly damage my stuff and wanted to make sure before I continue
I'm not sure if it will do long-term damage or anything, but I had a friend who played similarly and it sounded great, and he never had problems.

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It's true that many amps geared toward bass are great for guitar. I don't know about your specific rig, though. I know that Josh Homme of QOTSA uses Ampeg bass amps for his guitar sound.

I say that if it sounds great, do it unless you are warned against it for specific reasons.

Have you considered contacting the amp company directly to ask them?
i have a Peavey TKO 115 bass amp, 100 watts....and i plug my pedal and guitar into it....hasnt hurt it yet...and i dont think it will...

and it does sound awesome like you said!

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I've got a Sunn Sonic I-40 bass amp, and it's amazing. As long as you run in through a guitar cab when playing guitar, and a bass cab when playing bass, you should be fine.


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Guitar pedals and guitars into bass stuff = fine
Bass into guitar SPEAKERS = bad
Bass amps into guitar gear and amps with bass speakers = may work, may not... depends how much frequency response range the gear in question has.
Look at the OP. He's been using a guitar cab for a while now, with a bass head and bass guitar. Hmm. Any blown speakers? Dosn't look like. Hmm.