Are there any particular playing styles that would be harder on a thin-necked guitar?
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thin necks are generally preferred by shredders, thicker necks tend to be a bit more comfortable though, go with whatever you want, i like thin ones personally
Whoever likes them?

Generally, thin necks are used on guitars built for fast, shreddy, solo type players, because the less neck, the less space to be travelled and less space to travel=more speed.

Of course you could just ignore that entirely and play Paul Gilbert on a tree trunk. It's all really about what makes your hand feel best

Hope that helps!
People who play a lot of chord based songs with big stretches and stuff probobly dont want them? I tried playing this Jazz chord version of little wing on my RG and i get hand cramps.
Thin necks are for shredding and solo play, and I guess thicker ones are more comfortable, but not to me. I don't know, it's really whatever you like.
Personally I think playing chordal rhythm type stuff is easier on a thicker neck, and that super thin Ibanez wizard kinds of necks are just uncomfortable for any kind of playing.

/radius is just as important as thickness for premium neck comfort
Andre the Giant.
Yao Ming.

Just a short list of people who should not get thin-necked guitars.
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Andre the Giant.
Yao Ming.

Just a short list of people who should not get thin-necked guitars.

Don't forget these guys.
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Don't forget these guys.

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i prefer thin necks but people with big hands will find it torture but if u cant play a big neck or small dont get it
I'm certainly no shredder; I wish I had that ability, so I play a thin neck simply because I prefer it. I'd concede my old Strat was more comfortable for rhythm but overall my ideal guitar would be very close to what I have. I'd like a Prestige version I suppose if they could do one in a colour I like and I could afford it.
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Thin necks are better for faster lead playing and are easier to play. However, their weakness resides in the new pain found from playing chords, since the thin neck will mean you have to push harder to get your chord clear, and after a 90 minute set, your hand is usually killing because they are bad for you in the long-term if you play them for extended periods of time.
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i dont like thin necks. i hate playing chords with a really thin neck, and the fact that its thin makes it feel like i dont have control. Plus i dont find thin necks that much faster. I guess they could be if i got used to one but i dunno just dont like em. To me, the idea that a guitar plays easy, comes from a comfortable neck, nice round fingerboard, thick strings, medium action.
what the hell are people on about? big people won't feel comfortable on thin necks?

Paul Gilbert is like 6'4" as is Vai and Buckethead's even taller than that (before you moan at me saying he plays an baritone les paul he used to use all sorts of guitars and a lot of them have thin necks)

It's all a personal preference.
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i have plates for hands, and love thin necks, i've got a friend with bigger hands, he also loves them, like Lemoninfluence said, its personal preference
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Yeah but the left guy is asian, so by default he would choose and ibanez.
i have tiny hands but prefer thick necks. lol.
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Thin necks are very comfortable IMO.
I can generally play both thin and thick, and there's not much difference, although thin necks are very nice.

But I've NEVER had problems with chord playing on a thin neck. In fact, a thin neck is really comfortable for chord playing - especially when it involves my thumb as well, as my thumb can lean over quite far, and its still comfy.
Thin necks are just great for me IMO.
But thick necks are just as good.
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