Hi, my guitar has been buzzing alot but the actions fine so it must be the neck.I wanna adjust it but I;ve never done it before can someone explain? I know you need an allen wrench and rotate it in small increments. I have an Ibanez Artcore btw
You should be taught how to do it, otherwise you can really screw things up. Take it to a shop.
If you havent ever done it i'd let somebody else take care of it. Its seemingly simple but easy to screw up possibly damaging the guitar. I wouldn't let anybody touch mine unless they had a lot of experience and a machined flat edge and feeler guages accurate down to a few thousandths of an inch to measure the releif if that gives you an idea of how sensitive an adjustment it is. Also the adjustment can take time to set in while the wood changes shape responding to the altered pressures so it might need to be checked and readjusted a few times after to make sure you get the desired results.