Are you friends in real life with anyone on UG? I just found out that one of my best friends just made a profile and posts in The Pit.

So, UG, do you guys have any friends that are UGers?

Wrst_EDIT_Evr: To make this a little more interesting, put the username of your friend. Mine's Asalazar51.

This thread could be massive fail or massive win
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Not that I know of.
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Yes. 3 of them.

EDIT: Missed one, there's 4 of them.
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Yeah, metallight16 and tubadude.

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Yes, but UG wouldn't send him his varifacating email.
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UG loves me so much. Do you?

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I've referred several friends to this site, but I'm not sure if they made accounts.

Same here. Though, I think i'll force some of my friends to make accounts. Just because.
A couple, but they don't post they just look for tabs.
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went to school with him and we knew each other through bands...good guy
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this thread wouldn't be win or fail. i have one he is an asian metalhead, that is what he goes by.
for some reason my friend made a profile called Tedward_2 or something lmfao but he plays bass and never posts so no biggy.

and i have another friend who thinks he plays drums and only goes on UG to show our computer science class the Demotivational pictures thread. :/ his name's like ROFLBBQWTF or something.
I have a friend, never bothered to ask his username, haha, but I think he mostly lurks.
killerswan is an amigo de mio, but hes got teh b@nz0rz right now. There are some other people I know on here, but I don't remember their usernames.
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Yes, but UG wouldn't send him his varifacating email.

have him look in his spam folder, UG emails sometimes get thrown in there.
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Only one, Kyle33093.
I taught him how to play bass!
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