alright, so im teaching my girlfriend to play. she keeps wanting to learn the songs i know but theyre way too hard for her. her favorite bands are linkin park, three days grace, and papa roach. what are some good, well known songs by these bands that a beginner could learn? right now she only knows the basics - smoke on the water, iron man, when you were young... simple power chord stuff, but shes really dedicated so if a songs a little bit hard she'll stick to it and work on it nonstop, so a LITTLE bit hard is okay.

i'd say given up by linkin park is easy... and born like this from three days grace. those were the first two i learnt.
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All of them

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i love those bands......... the guitar parts in those bands songs are pretty simple...... but it depends on how u play them
Animal I Have become, ridiculously easy.
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yea like dime said, theyre all easy
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All of them


True dat...
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I Hate Everything About You by TDG is pretty easy, and it sounds cool.
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you should call one of the songs, "Respecting Old People" just to mix things up.

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All of them. Really.
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edit: i do realise they are not here...so i kinda didnt say it...

figure .09 by Linkin Park, animal i have become by TDG, Infest or last resort by Papa Roach
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especially animal i have become

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All of them


This is what I was thinking, but I don't really know anything about either of these bands.
Doesn't linkin park play in some dropped tuning?? When I went to learn there songs when I began thats what stopped me :-/
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Doesn't linkin park play in some dropped tuning?? When I went to learn there songs when I began thats what stopped me :-/

The typical tunning of Lp is Db Ab Db Gb Bb Eb
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All of them


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