I got a new SHURE KSM27 condenser microphone and Tascam US-144 I/F, and here's my first recording:


May have to turn your volume up. I layered some rhythm first, then improved a solo over it. Everything was done on first take and made it all up on the spot. I think it turned out good.

Please crit on quality, as well as if you like the "song". My acoustic guitar is a Seagull S6.

Cool Dude! I love accoustic guitar!! The recording sounds very nice. It's very quiet and has very good tone too. The song itself kept reminding me of the Charlie Brown Theme. LOL You should try to throw it in there just for the hell of it! LOL

Very cool!


Check this out if you have the time:

that was really unique. and was enjoyable to listen to. the recording was pretty decent. maybe make it a little longer. really good for a first take. you seem pretty good. maybe add some quiet drums or a morraca would be tight