my band just recently recorded our first attempt at an EP called "After the mural". We are from GeeBers, WI... (green bay)

Listen to any one song, or all if u want (please) and let me know what u think, we're workin' on some new stuff so criticism will be very helpful at the moment.

Thank You!
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I saw this thread 11 hours ago and wanted to listen, but I had to go to sleep... yeah, that's my excuse.

After The Mural - Wonderful. The only thing I can think of to say is that the drummer lost the rhythm once or twice during the song. You made a very good musical atmosphere.

Silencium - Really epic vocals, I gotta say. Seems to be commanding all the music... well, I like your male singer.

Dr West - Your female singer, however, is not my favorite. The intro is nice, but when she sings lyrics she seems to slur a lot of words, making a constant sound, but no discernible words. But, as always, I do enjoy the music.

Patterns - Great acoustic riffs... this is extremely catchy. I like the lyrics; they're sung very well with style, and also easily ge the point across. And do I sense some flamenco in there? I sure think so.

Overall, you guys are great. Guitarist(s) couldn't be better, though the drummer could (just a little bit). As I said, I wish the female singer was more articulate; she has a nice voice, very reminiscent of Amy Lee (Evanescence). Keep it up.
Generally Mr. ZombifieD and I seem to have similar opinions and this no exception to that idea. To tell you what I think would be to repeat what has already been said, so I'll just say that you guys have done a good job.

With a bit of extra work I'm sure things could sound ever better.
thanks guys... i do hear and understand all of your comments... cant wait to start the writing process again.