Okay, so at my local pawn shop, (cash converters) theres a Jackson Christian Olde Wolbers Signature Dinky for 700 with a free hard case, but... strangely... it has "no warranty" on the sticker, which isn't that odd, however, the end of the fretboard, (24th fretish) is quite a distance off the actual guitar, and the bridge is quite high? and the pickup isn't very close to the stings, so... so is the fretboard supposed to be like, half an inch off the guitar, (ive seen it before), or has the neck bent slightly down, and has the bridge been adjusted to hide it?

Thanks for any help guys... oh, and how would you rate this guitar? im thinking of upgrading from my ESP f-250... to actives + better wood.
nice guitar!!!

some guitars are made like that, for whatever reason idk.
my SG is like that.
set it ontop of somthing flat, and look down the body/neck.
if its bent, you'll be able to see.
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Quote by metulkult
it was in my local long and mcquade for 599. the green camo one.

any1 got any more information that is helpful? is the fretboard SUPPOSED to be that way?