if i list my current setup and the exact order of things do you guys think you can figure a way to get more sustain out of it? i also have a boss CS-2 that isn't in the setup because it adds too much noise and i'm really not sure where to put it at in the order of effects.

ok so mainly i play my schecter c-1 classic it goes into a Boss TU-2, Line 6 Uber Metal, Boss EQ pedal, Korg volume pedal and then into the amp (crate shockwave)..if i was to include the CS-2 where should it go and where should the settings be? if necessary i can list the settings on everything else.
^A good preamp or pickup signal booster can help with sustain quite a bit. I put a preamp before my distortion pedal and my sustain went through the roof.

Also, a good compressor/sustainer can make a big difference. The compressor will raise the level of the lower end of the dynamic range and the effect is much like that of a preamp and give you control over the upper end of the dynamic range as well.
The CS-2 will go between your guitar and distortion. Can't really tell you what to use for settings, u'll have to play around and see what works for u.
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like the others have stated a good compressor will work.....to get natural sustain you will need to add mass/weight to your headstock....i am not sure if there available for your guitar but they sell metal plates that go on the back of the head stock for popular (les paul/strat etc.) guitars.....i have an old dean that i made one for,...it's ugly as sin...but the improvement was amazing,..not just sustain but overall tone....give it a try.

good luck