I talked to my little brother's guitar teacher today and the guy is a very, very savy guy when it comes to stuff like equipment, he has a rack unit that's worth something like $30,000. Anywho, the guy has his own small shop and can get certain things for wholesale and I asked him what sort of stuff he could get. He recommended a cab from Mojo Music. Apparently they have Marshall clones that are made in the exact same factory, so theoretically I could get a 1960AV clone for REAL cheap and even buy a Marshall logo to slap on the front if I wanted since they are supposedly the same thing anyway. Anybody had any experience with them, or know any more about them. I kinda just want a second opinion b/c I'm leaning towards this option for a 4x12 right now. Thanks in advance.
Mojo stuff isn't made in the same factory as Marshall stuff. Mojo has boutique companies making their speakers and transformers, and cabs to mojo's specs. They then go out and find the best capacitors on the market and combine them with NOS carbon comp resistorts. Everything about mojo amp parts is top notch and they leave anything that is marshall in the dust. In fact, I belive the amp parts from mojo to be the best money can buy.

I highly recomend mojo cabs.
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Joe Bonamassa uses Mojo cabs and his tone is GODLY!

I'd much rather have a Mojo cab than a Marshall cab. Heck if I had a Mojo cab, I'd MUCH MUCH MUCH rather stick a Mojo logo on it!
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Good to hear. I'll prob end up just having my band logo put on the cab anyways so I could really give 2 ****s about the Marshall logo.