I really want a double lockin trem on my guitar. a floyd rose or a kahler, etc....

But can a normal trem bridge like that (on my yamaha PAC 012) be replaced or turned into 1? Dus N E 1 in UG know?

Or should I resort to buying a new guitar (that'll take years!!!)?
you should save for a better guitar, but if you can't live without it, i'd go for a kahler because there's no routing required for installing it and you can maybe use it on your next guitar
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"Does anyone on UG know."

For the record.

No, not really. The double locking refers to the locking nut, and the locks in the tremolo itself. You need a new tremolo. Save up and get a guitar that comes stock with a Floyd Rose or Kahler.

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Get a new guitar. A good LFR would be worth as much as that guitar, and the hassle involved in routing a new cavity for it might be beyond your skill level with a router.
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