I know QOTSA already have an amazing song with the same name as mine, but I couldn't think of anything else to call it.

I should probably be taking pills
To make up for my lack of affection (affection)
My sunglasses and my black jacket
Well, they help me avoid detection

I take my daily dose, I take my daily dose
I'm at my Requested Value
All the girls I see, all the girls I see
I wait for them to see me and they end up seeing you

I watch her get on, and make my eyes
But I guess she isn't that empathetic
I feel so starved of desire
But I guess I'm just overdramatic

It's beyond my control (x2)

I notice couples more often when I'm alone
But isn't that the way it is?
Everyone gets their time in the sun
But my spotlight's always inches

It's beyond my control (x4)