Personally, do you try to replicate it note-for-note, or do you just get the general idea down and play it in your own style?

Bonus question: Is it better for the learning process to do it one way or the other?
i mainly get the general idea
if im playing infront of people who dont play guitar then they dont really notice but i think its best to know it note for note
I rarely learn guitar solos, but when I learn piano pieces, I will learn it, then just play around with it and add on my own variations.

When learning guitar solos though, it's usually to play for a practical, so I learn it note for not. Whether one way or the other is better, probably not. Note-for-note would be best for getting better accuracy probably, but I don't think it matters much.
i like to learn them note for note. if im learning a song i want to learn it perfect.

in terms of getting better they both help. knowing it note for note will help with accuracy(as said earlier. and getting the general idea and doing your own thing helps with improvisation.
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Learn it note for note, understand why they played it that way, then muck around with it and maybe see if you can put your own spin on it.

You get the most benefit from learning something the way it was played.
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i usually play it my own style...which sounds almost like the real thing since I've probably heard it a bunch of times
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