what are the exact indications that i need a tube change?

like what specifics?

more fizzy sound to my amp?

speakers distorting?

too much bass?

etc etc

thanks for any help possible.
well lately ive noticed an increase in bass and the speakers keep distorting, and it basically sounds like sHi te
How old is the amp? do you know how long it has been since tubes were changed?

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Have you played anything else through your guitar speaker other than your amp?? Sounds like you could have blown a cone or something!!
nah just my guitar amp dude.

or do you mean, have i tried to do it to see if it is the speaker? haha

thanks for the help to everyone too!
What amp?

Actually it could be from the fact that speaker has broken in. However the sound of the speaker broken in probably doesn't appeal to you (actually VKs have sh*t speakers...)
To me it sounds like a new spekaer would do the trick! What do you play?
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