Are any of the name-brand guitar cases ATA-approved? I have a viper, and i'm gonna be lugging it all over campus, back-and-forth to my house (5-hour bus ride).

Oh, and are any of the coffin cases sturdy enough for long trips?

ESP LTD Viper 400
Line 6 Spider 75W
Digitech RP350
I have a really solid after market case for the viper that I am looking to sell since my viper got stolen. Only problem is, I'm in Australia so shipping would probably be expensive. PM me if you interested though or if you want pictures. It is locking, has 3 latches and I have two keys for it.
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I'm not sure how I feel about coffin cases. I have one that came with a guitar in trade and its held up alright, but after dropping and kicking it during one of my mental lapses I managed to dent it up nice and proper. I had to hammer the metal bit on the edge back inline to be able to latch it. All in all it still works fine, but I don't think it's as heavy duty as they should be, and I don't think it would survive being dropped from a high place or take any kind of scary heavy abuse.

Lids shouldn't bend when you open them right? Wood seems kinda flimsy, I've got a skb case thats rock solid in comparison, but I do enjoy showing up to a jazz gig with a skull covered coffin case carrying a semi hollow schecter.

/I wouldn't fly or ship a guitar in the coffin case.

Um, skb or gator as alternatives?
Well, I can't give you any recommendations on a specific case to buy, but I used to work for an airline as a baggage loader. If you haven't already ask the airline if you can bring it into the cabin, that would be the best option to insure the integrity of your instrument. Otherwise, get a really strong case, something you would trust to survive at least a two story fall, or being slammed against a wall multiple times. Most baggage handles are reasonably careful with your stuff, but irregular bags and cases tend to be damaged the most.

Edit: If your not actually planning on bringing your guitar on a plane, just ignore this.
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