I'm new here so first, Hi

I bought an Encore E6 (Stratocaster) and a Kustom KGA 10FX AMP but haven't tried it out.Just wanted to know if anyone has used one and if i can have they opinion on it.


The Kustom amp you have is used by my son and while it's not spectacular, it's pretty decent as a starter amp and certainly vastly superior to something like a Fender Frontman, which is the worst amp I've ever heard.

I'm afraid I'm not as keen on the guitar Encore are awful guitars and there are far better options out there for beginners at reasonable prices; a Vintage SG style guitar leaps to mind and would be my choice. However, the Encore will allow you to learn the basics and see if it's something you would like to take further and if so, you can always get a better guitar later when you have a clearer idea of exactly what you want. Also bear in mind that your next guitar will be a lot easier to play than an Encore. Paying £20-30 on a good set up by a guy who knows what he's doing will probably help.
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I have to agree with the previous poster. Decent enough amp. Can I suggest a guitar, I recently returned to played after a 3 year lay-off, I bought a Yamaha Pacifica 112v and the sound and finish are great. It's arguably the best starter guitar around and gets great reviews. I paid £139 for it.
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