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As title says, i need some ways to stop them from pissing where they shouldn't.

Places like, the dining room floor, hallways, bathrooms, even the f*cking kitchen.

I have litter trays set up in one of our hallways but the bastards just don't use them, so can the pit help me?
tie his pee pee into a knot.
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tie his pee pee into a knot.

An average feline pee-pee is less than an inch long
spray them with water every time they do and then set them in the litter trays
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beat them


failing that..

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tie his pee pee into a knot.

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if you use a tissuey thing to wipe up the pee pee, throw the tissue into the litter tray
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rape them!

seriously they are animals, can't really think!
There are some smart cats, dogs, rabbits.
But I guess you should just follow them all they and when they wanna pee grab them by their necks and bring them to the right place.

can't think of anything else
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I can't believe you are whoring yourself out like that.

My cat used to do that....

....During the few months before he died....
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Put citrus oil everywhere you don't want them to go, they hate it, plus your house will smell of pure orange win.

This may work, i will try it.

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tie his pee pee into a knot.

Only one has a pee pee, rest are de-sexed.

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get a dog instead.

I do have a dog.
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get a dog instead.

dogs suck man

umm yeha i yell at my cat when he does a bad thing... however eventually he stops doing that

(dog wouldnt stop) ;P
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[quote="'Tommy[fin"]']Male kitties may start pissing all over the place, marking their territory.

The only refuge is to have the vet chop their balls.
The male one is actually the best one when it comes to this matter.

It often goes outside to piss.

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dogs and cats living in the same house? madness!


The sequal, 300 kittens.
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dogs and cats living in the same house? madness!

Actually, my parents have a cat, a German shepherd and a dachshund, and the dogs don't give a shit about the cat.

They only chase other cats.
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dogs and cats living in the same house? madness!

I have 2 cats and a dog XD
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The cat should be outside of the house. Y'know.

But they keep my feet warm at night
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An average feline pee-pee is less than an inch long

Well, he could whip his own out and try to demean them into submission.

My cat's great, she always uses the litter tray.
the cats must be mad at you. xD

are they fixed? they usually spray everywhere when they're not fixed.
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stop giving it water


Put down anything Citrus. Orange pels, lemon scent. Cats HATE citrus, so won't piss there.
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How long have the cats been doing this? Did your folks switch their litter recently? Some cats will go outside the box to protest new litter they don't like. Has there been anything way out of the ordinary in your house lately? Did the family take an extended trip recently? Some cats express displeasure at their people being gone for an extended period by refusing to use the litterbox for a while. It's also a good idea to take them to the vet to get checked out, particularly if they go outside or are older cats. You may want to do a search on the Off Topic forum on the New Forum for Classical Singers ( There have been a number of threads about kitty behavior there.
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the only thing i know to make them quit is the throw water on them.... like put them into the bathtub first then everytime they piss on somthing throw water on them it will make them stop.... or atleast i made our cat stop doing everything we didn't want him doing..
Lol my cat has never peed or pooped some exept from outside. He's a genious.
Spay/neuter them. They could be mad at something and getting you guys back by pissn everywhere. Or they could have a bladder problem.
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have your house re-arranged so that they're pissing in places they should be pissing in
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