so its my birthday today, and as per usual i got a decent amount of money from presents. the thing is i have absolutely no idea what to buy. i was thinking bout blowing a lot of it in that huge virgin (zavvi) sale, or just saving it all.i would like to buy something big but i have no idea, so does anyone have any ideas? it doesnt have to be guitar related......

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buy a car?
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Umm, weed?
i would just keep hold of it..... sooner or later your going to see something

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We need to know how much, for example, if you had 400 euros (I'm assuming you're from the republic of Ireland) then you should clearly go for 400 1 euro hookers, or 1 400 euro hooker.

Seriously though, I'd spend some of it on booze and pot, and save the rest.
an enourmous bag of reefers and maybe a new glass piece to smoke it out of? assuming you smoke, but doesn't everyone these days?
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I would invest some money in a nice Fridge and a really comfy Couch/Recliner. perfect for the Jam Room!

but thats just me

actually I'd probably go to the city and talk to the Fags at Allens and be like... yea I have money now, see how different they act... then before I tell them I'm not buying any of there stuff notice something jerkish they do, or just tell them how much of a jerk they where when I didnt have money

and leave...

then do it again the next week!
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Why not just save it and buy something proper next year?
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an enourmous bag of reefers and maybe a new glass piece to smoke it out of? assuming you smoke, but doesn't everyone these days?

Buy a sex doll, and have sex with it.

Or buy a goat, and have sex with it.
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happy birthday
i'm gonna be captain boring and say, save it!
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In uncertain economic times of the like we are in now: with inflation on the rise, the subprime collapse, and the downward turn of the stock market it would be a very wise financial decision to invest in precious metals… and have sex with them.
save it for something useful ?

dont buy something you'll regret later ?

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save it....you never know when you'll need it...Im flat out broke right now and desperately need a new PC...so save it
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If you can't think of anything you want to buy with it. The logical answer is to save it, save it for gig tickets, festival tickets etc. So then when the gig you want to go to comes around you have the money then and there with no fear of it selling out while saving or whatever.