The point of this project is to make a portable guitar that can be taken camping yet still sound good.
All you have to do is turn it on and stick some headphones in.

Well that's the plan anyway.

Ok so first. What wood to use? Needs to be fairly light yet kinda strong.
I am making the headphone amp myself.

does this sound like a good idea

EDIT: I forgot to mention. Its half size. Where can i get measurments for a halfsize strat?
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body : alder
neck : maple
should give some sturdiness but it won't be that heavy
as for pickups I would say like 1 or 2 singelcoils...keep it simple.

well get measurments for a strat and divide them by 2
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If your planning on building one theres heaps of parts on ebay. Ebay also has already built mini strats. Or if your looking for something different than a strat. There are also Mini V parts there to.
Good luck!

(If you don't have a paypal account, you could just use the ebay parts as a guide maybe?)
I have never actually played a half size guitar. Is the width between the frets the same?

If not i might make my own and only go up to 12 frets or something.
half size guitar is a misnomer.

they arent actually half size. just smaller.

just make it smaller... the 12th fret is still the middle between the nut and the bridge and the 24th fret is half way from the 12th to the bridge...
Thank you please.