got a used SD JB bridge bucker. normal string spaced.

a dual rail single sized pickup. un brnaded but fairly hot output.

a generic single coil neck pup... possibly one of the original yamaha ones from the pacifica body...

left hand yamaha pacifica body.

all open to offers plus postage.
Thank you please.
i am in the uk... il post anywhere in the world as long as i get paid first and you cover the postage.
Thank you please.
What version of the pacifia body is it?
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ill try and post pics tonight...

i think the body is a 112 lefty... i do have the neck but i want to practice refretting on it... unless i get a good offer for it.

PM rcvd... replied.
Thank you please.
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sorry chap. not interested in trades... i am trying to finance a pair of P90 pickups ...
Thank you please.
heres the pics guys. pickup is well loved... lol... body is fairly mint... i also have the hardware if you want it... offers welcome.
Thank you please.