I am buying a breelove pro series c25 I know they ran out really fast. I've wanted a new guitar for 8 months so far and I have right now 1620 dollars I will probably have 1700 dollars by the time stock comes out. I wanted to know at guitar center will they knock off the tax? the tax in Texas is 8.25 and I just am curious if I bargain with them as in "Can you please knock off the tax? I only have 1700 dollars' will they negotiate? Also if not how would you guys bargain?
They will totally drop that much off. I got them to drop 200 dollars off a 650 dollar guitar.
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^ agreed. you can probably get more than just the tax off.
Bad economy + luxury item = good time for guitar buying.
BTW I would definitely try it out. I played 2 at GC that were vastly different, One was great and one was just OK
thank you so much

EDIT: when you say two was different do you mean the breedlove pro series? the same guitar? or different models?
you shouldn't have a problem getting them to knock that much off. in order to get the best deal... you want to speak directly with the acoustic manager, and you want to have cash. you could also try going even lower at first. tell the guy you can only spend $100 or even $200 less than what you can actually spend.