Let's get this out of the way first... I've never really written lyrics before, just the music, and I'd like to start. But then I found out that I couldn't really think of anything to write about, so I struggled with it for a few days and so today I decided to write about how I can't write anything.

The words escape my mind
whenever I open my mouth
I write nonexistent lines
On these paper scraps

So now I waiting
for the sun to rise
I am waiting until
I can open my eyes

But only time will tell
I haven't been here before
so open the door ask for more
till then I wish you well

and I am waiting until
I can have it all
I am waiting because
you fly before you fall

and that's all I have. Please be super harsh, I wanna not suck at this.
It's easier to write lyrics when you have the music in your mind, and just write about how the music makes you feel and what thoughts it brings up.

I don't really like the third stanza, and the first doesn't have a lot of flow on lines 2 and 4, but overall it's a good first attempt. The rhyming is pretty good. Few grammar niggles but that's not really important.
Good job
i thought the opening stanza was great, as is the title. perhaps the last line was a bit short though. unfortunately the rest seemed a little nothingy. without the explanation at the beginning i wouldn't have known what this was about. and a few lines didn't seem to fit at all, "til then i wish you well"?

i'd try develop the later bits, and try to get the meaning across better.

hope that helps.