I am buying a breelove pro series c25 I know they ran out really fast. I've wanted a new guitar for 8 months so far and I have right now 1620 dollars I will probably have 1700 dollars by the time stock comes out. I wanted to know at guitar center will they knock off the tax? the tax in Texas is 8.25 and I just am curious if I bargain with them as in "Can you please knock off the tax? I only have 1700 dollars' will they negotiate? Also if not how would you guys bargain?
I'd start the negotiations looking for 20% off their asking price, and not buying without getting at least 10% off. I've heard they won't negotiate anymore, but you still have to try. If the salesman won't budge, ask to speak to a manager. If they refuse to do anything, point out that you can buy the same item on line without paying any tax. Even a hard-ass manager should knock the tax off at that point. If not, go home and place your order.

Good luck with the Breedlove, btw. Nice choice.
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