is the prs se custom really that good? some ppl says it's really good but some says it sucks.....
I thought that the PRS Custom 24 was fantastic. Great with clean and distorted sounds. I thought that i could play almost any style on it as well. A really great piece of equiptment, however the price is a bit sobering.
Custom 24 is an amazing guitar, and i wouldn't expect anything else from a product with the PRS name.
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he's asking about the SE custom, not the custom 24...
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Sorry misread it........Haven't played the Custom SE. So I'm no use there.
SE's are good for the money. I had a Santana SE and absolutely LOVED it...when I replaced the stock pickups for SD's : /

Search out eBay or CL for a used one, dont buy new!
depends. i tried a couple recently which i thought were terrible, but they did seem pretty poorly set up.
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